How to Obtain a Driving Permit for Tourists in Japan

Previously I’ve written about driving in Japan and how to obtain or even renew a Japanese driver’s license. But if you’re a tourist in Japan, that information probably isn’t very interesting. If you want to drive as a tourist in Japan, you obviously need some kind of driving permit. It goes without saying that you […]

Driving Permit for Tourists in Japan

How to use a Working Holiday Visa in Japan the right way

Did you know that Japan offers a Working Holiday Visa to young individuals of a variety of nationalities, allowing them to stay in Japan for a duration of 6-18 months (depending on the nationality) and to accept almost any fully remunerated job to finance their time in Japan? This is a great way to make […]

Working Holiday Visa in Japan

[My Japanese Life – Ep 01]: Jasmine T. from Germany

Welcome to this new series that I call “My Japanese Life”. As I get so many similar questions concerning visa, work and life in general in Japan, I thought having various people share their experience is probably the best answer. I hope with this series you’ll get a realistic picture of life in Japan and […]

My Japanese Life series - Episode 01

2 Years After Leaving: Life in Germany vs Japan

I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted, but trust me, this blog isn’t dead yet. Actually I’m hitting the 2-year mark since my return from Japan soon. I figured it might be interesting to share my experience and current opinion about life in Germany vs Japan. As some of you might […]

Life in Germany vs Japan

How to Find a Japanese Partner Online?

Ever since I started the “Dating in Japan” series people kept asking me about how and where to find a Japanese partner, especially when living outside of Japan. So, I figured I should at least share my personal experience a bit. Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve left Japan about a year ago. […]

How to find a Japanese partner online

Evacomics: Funny Comparison of Japan, Singapore and U.S.

Today I want to introduce an amazing comic artist to you. I found her blog many years ago and ever since then have enjoyed her funny comic strips where she’s comparing Japan to Singapore, the U.S. and other countries. I really love her humor and with just a few panels she’s able to convey things […]

Evacomics - Funny Comics About Japan

Omiyage: The Culture of Souvenirs in Japan

Maybe you’ve already heard the word “omiyage” before. Maybe you also know that it translates to “souvenir”. But it’s not exactly the same as a souvenir. If you live in Japan or if you visit a Japanese family you should know about the gift-giving and omiyage culture in Japan. What exactly is “omiyage”? Omiyage (お土産) […]

Omiyage Culture in Japan

Visiting Japanese Filming Locations of Dramas and Movies

Japan has so many sights to offer that it’s sometimes hard to choose. As you might know, I’m “hunting” Japanese castles. Others might go for gardens, sacred places or onsen. But there’s something else you could do and that is visiting Japanese filming locations of dramas and movies. It goes without saying that you’ll naturally […]

Japanese Filming Locations

Akiyoshido: Japan’s Most Impressive Limestone Cave

Japan has some really impressive limestone caves. The largest one is called “Akiyoshido” (Akiyoshi Cave) and can be found in Yamaguchi Prefecture. But it’s not the cave alone that’s breathtaking. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss this sightseeing spot in Japan!~ Visited: February 2012 Akiyoshido (Akiyoshi Cave) in Yamaguchi Akiyoshido (秋芳洞) is […]

Akiyoshido and Akiyoshidai
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